Healthcare sector mutates into an AI driven industry

March 15, 2019 10:40 am

Artificial intelligence is written all over the major sectors these days. As fascinated people are by AI’s innumerable benefits, it is also revolutionizing how the sectors traditionally work. Take healthcare for example, where 86% of healthcare providers are using artificial intelligence technology.

 AI has pre-dominantly taken over in the industry, taking care of the following:

  • Managing Medical Records and Other Data – Collecting, storing, and tracing data for better compliance and access.
  • Better treatment and diagnosis – Analyzing patient’s medical records to recommend better treatment options.  
  • Clinic research and customized treatment path
  • Digital consultation through patient’s medical history review – With patient’s medical history and basic knowledge in the medical domain, AI can be used to provide consultation services. 
  • Digital nurses- AI/Digital nurses are here to take care of patient’s medical condition, with proficiency in treating chronic illnesses.
  • Clinical trials and drug creation, helping redefine treatment options
  • Health system analysis – AI services help point anomalies in treatments, workflow inefficiencies, and helps avoid unnecessary patient hospitalizations
  • Digital invoice generation – AI also helps render services such as electronic Medical Billing and invoice generation.

AI’s intervention in the healthcare sector does not imply that it would take over your conventional doctors and medical team, but it would surely help reduce unnecessary patient hospitalizations, bringing reduced costs and increasing accuracy. Applying AI, ML and big data analytics have also contributed immensely to the field of medical sciences offering a breakthrough in catering to serious ailments.

Video Source: Cleveland Clinic