Dr Goral Gandhi | Embryologist from mumbai | Life Conference

August 13, 2019 1:01 pm

Goral Gandhi IVF clinic in mumbai, Indo- Nippon IVF is helping couples who are facing infertility and desire to have a baby. Goral Gandhi has been a leader in the field of IVF and ART with over 20 years of expertise.She has decades of experience in Egg freezing, Cryo-Vitrification, Embryo Transfers etc and also setting up various centers all across India.

Over the years, Goral Gandhi has successfully set up many IVF laboratories all over India. A leading embryologist Goral Gandhi has been a part of many scientific publications around the globe.

She has been very active in providing wordkshops and trainings across various countries. Goral Gandhi talks at the life conference about the aspects of life and embryology.