Eurokids – Your Child’s Buddy

November 3, 2015 11:15 am

Eurokids is an Indian Education company founded in 2001. EuroKids is the first company to launch the Branded Preschool concept in India when India was dominated by the Aunty Next door Pre-Schools with little emphasis on standardization.

A pre-school is a child’s first long-term experience outside his home. In such a situation, ensuring the comfort-level of a child is very essential. A child blooms in an environment with a cheerful ambience. When a child is comfortable, he is able to interact better with both the teacher and other children.

EuroKids is a brand owned by EuroKids International Ltd which was formerly known as Egmont Imagination (India) Ltd.
The core activity of the company revolved around children book publishing. The company had abundant access to Pre-School learning content and wanted to use its expertise in bringing good quality content to Indian students.


  • Ankur singhania

    schools is a very wonderful school in mumbai for kids. Their way of teaching
    methods are just fab. They use image or videos to teach kids because
    practical learning are always effective. So I believe this blindly very
    faithful and co-operative teachers are here to teach your babe. so now i
    would just say if you are seeking a kindergarten school for your child then
    enroll them in Eurokinds. you will surely love this school.

  • Parag

    has been extremely helpful in getting my kids to learn new concepts. I am
    totally impressed by their innovative teaching method. Kid comes home and
    talking about what the teacher taught the whole day. Because of which my
    child’s grasping power has increased. A very good team work. i highly
    recommend this school to every parent.

  • Parav

    I thank
    GOD for making my kid to study there. The method of teaching, fun way of
    learning, their attitude, organization of events are extremely and
    extraordinary excellent. My hearted thanks to Eurokids Team.