The Jewel Scions – The Journey of Deepak Mehra and Navin Mehra

July 18, 2019 6:25 am

At AKM Mehrasons Jewelers, we make authentic and beautifully crafted jewelry that celebrates you as a woman. The jewelry we offer is synonymous with the strong personalities of modern women who are bold, elegant and chic yet deeply associate themselves with the rich Indian heritage and tradition.

With wanting our jewellery to inspire and empower women rather than just accessorize them, we bring customers the opportunity to buy high quality pieces that are eccentric and wearable. We encrust meaning and significance to each piece that we create, and aim to make it special for our customers. At AKM Mehrasons Jewellers, we craft offerings that provide you quality, longevity and an individual element.

Our offerings are encrusted with precious stones and unique designs. Our team of dedicated craftsmen puts their heart and soul into bringing you the best jewelry offerings to add to your trousseau. Having our humble beginnings in the old city of Delhi, we are driven by the objective of bringing heritage, class, and excellence in our offerings.