Rajat Khare & Ishan Gupta | Make the Move – Book Brief

April 11, 2019 5:51 am

We have summarized the perfect brief of Make the Move by Rajat Khare & Ishan Gupta in video format, it will help understand the major highlights of book. The Book By Rajat Khare and Ishan Gupta is divided into 3 parts chapters with a total of 18 chapters. “Make The Move” is a good read for someone who is interested to start their entrepreneurial journey and is eager to understand the basics of the world of entrepreneurship.

About the Authors – Rajat Khare & Ishan Gupta

Rajat Khare: The book is co-authored by IITian (Delhi) Rajat Khare, who is investor, entrepreneurship motivator. In his early years, Rajat set up an educational startup and is currently the founder of Boundary Holding, a next-gen technology fund which invests in AI-based startups. A keynote speaker in over 20 major conferences and events across the globe, Rajat has been cited as a case study in the course of Entrepreneurship run by Professor Patrick Turner in INSEAD Business School.

Ishan Gupta: Ishan, a Stanford MBA is the managing director of Udacity, and has worked in Edukart, PayTm and Facebook. He has spoken on topics such as business, leadership, entrepreneurship, technology and education at many prestigious forums across the world. He is also a regular writer in leading publications of India, featured on CNBC and a published author of a book on entrepreneurship.