Mahimananda Mishra founder & Managing Director of OSL Group

November 20, 2020 6:10 am

Talk about India’s cargo sector and one of the names that comes up is the OSL Group. A major stevedoring and cargo handling company across the East Coasts ports of India, OSL Group handles over 35 million tonnes of cargo in different sectors. However, if there is anyone who can be credited for its growth, it is none other than Mahimananda Mishra.

A descendant of an aristocratic family in Orissa, Mishra was born on May 7, 1953 and is an alumnus of Christ College, Cuttack. Being the President of the Students Union in the year 1971-72, he has had a leadership streak since his college days. He also served as the president of the Students Union of MS Law College, Odisha in the year 1974-75. Even though he hails from an affluent family, it was his sheer hard work and determination that brought Mahimananda Mishra to where he is today. He is far from being satisfied with what he has achieved and strives to achieve more success in his entrepreneurial ventures.

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