“Not getting the right search results in Google? Here are 5 Tips to use Google search in easy and smart way. There’s a lot you can do with Google when you know the right tricks!” 

  • Use ‘Site:’ operator for site specific searches. Googling ‘pizza site: forbes.com’ will bring results from Forbes site containing the keyword ‘pizza’.
  • ‘Filetype:’ operator lets you search for a file with a specific extension. Google ‘dinosaurs filetype: pdf’ to find a pdf file with keyword ‘dinosaur’. 
  • To find sites similar to another, use ‘related:’ operator. Type in ‘related:grammarly.com’ to find other spell-check websites.    
  • Use multiple correlated words in the Google search engine to narrow down the search.
  • Use the ‘Searches related to’ option at the bottom to optimize your searches. It’ll show a list of related searches that people have used before.

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