Rajyostava of Arowana Consulting

October 19, 2015 9:14 am

The year 2014 was an ‘Eventful Year’,- when we say eventful, it means a year filled with happening activities both on professional as well as entertainment levels. In India we believe in, ‘Shubh Aarambh’ or a ‘Good Beginning’. It is believed that all good beginnings have good endings. We began our year by shifting our office to Sanskriti Signet near Silk board. A new well furnished two floored office brought in warm spirits of a healthy work environment. Projects began to flow in, teams were assigned various development projects that needed to meet client requirements. The talent acquisition team have found the best talents to work at Arowana. Young, energetic people who help to keep the work environment fun. A one day excursion was planned and all the employees had gone on a trek to Ramanagara hills. It was a fun day out.

We have a lot of actors in our company some natural, some who love to imitate. In order to bring these actors on stage Vivek Vijayakumar, a theater artist offered to conduct a workshop for the interested actors at the end of the training session. The actors staged a play written, enacted and directed by Arowana Theater team. However, these actors missed a chance of acting for Arowana Consulting  Studios.

Halfway through May two projects were launched successfully. Staff travel Management Project for a leading airlines and iStyle, an airline uniform management project went live during this month.

The IPL fever had spread to Arowana. Cricket being the favourite game of our company members, Arowana took part in the inter company cricket match and won the runners up cup on behalf of the company. Soon friendly match began within the members of Arowana, forming the ACL ( Arowana Cnsulting League).

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