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September 18, 2015 11:58 am

In Arowana Consulting  culture is based on a work friendly environment. At Arowana Consulting we believe that leisure plays an important role.
To reduce stress and improve the mind, the employees involve themselves in leisure activities. Here we work in a heterogeneous environment, believing in creativity and innovation. Every employee is allowed to share their opinions freely without any restrictions. An Arowanite is allowed to unleash their creative talents,to channelize a path to remain in the forefront of competition.

We believe in “all work and no play makes an Arowanite a dull person”. When not at work, the employees find time to play a game of cricket. The employees share their views and write for an internal monthly e-magazine. At the end of the month there are group activities in which the employees actively take part and win prizes. Arowana encourages its employees to shed their fear of public speaking and use the Arowana Toastmasters Club platform to express themselves and speak before an audience. We also encourage our employees to learn a new language by conducting language learning activities. Our employees feel enthusiastic, with a sense of belongingness and see themselves as a part of a corporate community.