Janaharsha Group Of Company – Virtual Tour

October 20, 2015 5:06 am

We, ‘The JANAHARSHA’- One of the leading and renowned corporate forces for its immense credibility and magnificence, have completed our 19 yrs successful journey, meeting our goals with firm belief in the reinforcement of our strengths and the distinctly different approach towards everything.

Janaharsha Estates and Constructions Pvt. Ltd., the Flagship company of Janaharsha Group began it’s operation in 1996. Over the years, the company’s excellence, hardwork, commitment, sincerity  and the zeal to excel in all fields has garnered success and appreciation in the Real Estate field.

As it is well known that the future is uncertain and there are hurdles in the path of success. But instead of the ups and downs, we have stood victorious in attaining success in every field we step into. For the past 18yrs we have followed the path of righteousness and eventually emerged victorious.

These 19yrs of success and victory have proved that come what may, Janaharsha will keep on shining like a rising star. No matter how odd the situation or the circumstances are, Janaharsha maintains its history of triumph and glory.

The company binds its members with ties of love, genuine affection, harmony and friendship. It stresses on the need to cultivate the virtues like peace and harmony and has infused the concept of unity and family; ‘Janaharsha Parivaar’. Many eminent poets, journalists, painters, freedom fighters, academicians and professors took active participation in all the programs of the Janaharsha group. The primary focus of the Janaharsha group is to bring forth the spirit of National unity and communal harmony for which it organizes and supports many social and cultural activities, art exhibitions and medical camps for the great cause.

Janaharsha Group of Companies looks forward to provide the best services to its members and has specific sub- departments and divisions to ensure the same, which includes Administration department, Finance and Accounts, Engineering and Horticultural, Land procurement and legal security, Electronic Data processing, Customer service cum credit control, Sales and Marketing departments, Chitfund division, Construction division, Publication division, Reports division and Foundation division. The company also created more than 3000 direct and indirect employments. The annual group turnover is 180 cr+ and more than 1.7 lakh members are enrolled in its ventures. The chit groups have thousands of subscribes. The ventures have the facility of Spot Registration from the first day.