Jagmohan Garg; who believes in karma 5/5 (1)

December 16, 2016 12:09 pm

Jagmohan Garg; a young visionary with a practical mind is a dedicated and a disciplined businessman. He has been associated with the multifold business for 21 years as an real estate, educationist, hospitality, prime brand distributorship.

  • Anup Verma

    Great thoughts Mr. Garg. Really motivated.

  • Aashi Singh

    very thoughtful…

  • Adi

    I agree with your words sir.I also believe all these facts. Impressive video.

  • damini bisht

    good idealogy…!!

  • Harry Redknapp

    These videos really calm me down and motivate me. Thank u

  • nancy gupta

    Agreed !!

  • Shanu Sharma

    great thoughts (y)