Madhu Pandit Dasa on the need of drafting ISKCON Constitution

July 20, 2015 8:15 am


  • Anurag Jain

    A person gets happiness in his entire life but people fails to understands how happiness comes. Yes, its true real happiness is through giving something to a needy person.

  • Sanam Kapoor

    We should feel that Lord krishna has given us the ability that we can help others who are needy. I sincerely thanks Akshaya patra foundation and madhu pandit dasa to take initiative for such noble cause. Their mission is for the Humanity and we all should support it. May Lord krishna bless all who make this cause a successful one.

  • Amit Jha

    This organisation has come with an excellent initiative to serve those who are needy by just a donation of 750 INR which is almost just about 2 rupees a day. One can surely participate in the initiative. Good work !!