What is Richfeel Anagrow??

July 7, 2015 10:09 am

Starting with a humble beginning of salon-based consulting, the focus on research, expertise and results led Richfeel Anagrow to expand into a chain of hair and scalp clinics – spread all over the country and successful treatments for over a million hair lines. The treatment is based on a combination of apple, pea and argan stem cells and their combination is called PCT Rejuva Max. This is inserted into hair follicles using a newly developed first-of-its-kind RF Anagain 10X machine which removes DHT. Richfeel Anagrow has seen exemplary results and has set the balls rolling all over the world.


  • komal khokar

    I just found ur video and loved it. . I’m a woman in my forties and just got to richfeel anagrow 2 weeks ago. The recipient & the donor sites are still a little sore but I think everything is healing well overall. As a woman, caps r not always an option, esp at work! So wind & rain were my enemies. Your end result looks fantastic n heartly thanks for the fabulous treatment.. Really richfeel anagrow came to in my life as a true friend

  • Rajat chadda

    Congratuations komal!! I have become a great fan of richfeel anagrow and am happy to see such an amazing result on a fellow hair loss sufferer.I myself am booked for a procedure at October at their clinic and after reading you i am confident enough.Anyway, hope you are having a high quality of life today and never have issues with hairloss for a long time to come

  • Vishaka sharma

    I have been using anti aroma oil of dandruff from last three months and could see the results from first month. One of my friends suggested it to me, who is a satisfied customer of richfeel. I didn’t want to trust another brand and compromise with the quality of my hair “again”, but I thought that why not give it a try just like a gave to other brands, so I took the risk which comes out to be pretty satisfactory.

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