Superfruit Indian Goose Berry (Amla) Preventing Cancer – Urvashi Gandhi No ratings yet.

June 27, 2015 5:55 am

This video Describe about different various different benefit of Amla,The importance of Amalaki has been described in Ayurvedic Scrolls dating thousands of years back. Even nowadays, Ayurvedic practitioners use this marvelous herb to treat and heal plenty of physical condition with no unnecessary or harmful effects. In research we have found that amla or Indian Goose berry is proved to be very beneficial in treatment of cancer cells without harming the normal cells.

  • divya

    Never knew amla could prevent cancer. there are some Interesting and useful facts. Nice work Urvashi Gandhi

  • aastha sharma

    Amla has many uses, which makes this video a must watch for the people looking for some nutritional fruits and its benefits.