Anjali Mukerjee gives healthy dinner advice on CNBC awaaz No ratings yet.

October 24, 2015 5:06 am

Anjali Mukerjee of HealthTotal gives nutrition advice and health tips on our regular dinner diet plan.

Here Mukerjee best dietician in Mumbai is in discussion in ITC grand central, Shanghai Club. Her advice is to eat a light dinner as the human liver has it peak activity between 1 and 3 am at night. One should have their dinner 6 to 7 hours before this peak activity, i.e., around 7 pm.

She advices on various components involved in making your dinner nutritious, especially for individuals who want to unwind and work after dinner. Individuals who want to unwind or relax should have a carbohydrates-rich diet, whereas those who want to work should have a protein-rich diet. According to her, having jasmine tea and chamomile tea is extremely good for digestion and it also has antioxidants important for the body. She suggests having red wine with dinner for wine lovers, as it contains a large amount of anti-oxidants. There should be a time difference of at least 3 hours between dinner intake and going to bed. To reduce mucus formation, people suffering from bronchitis or asthma should avoid consuming dairy products, especially at night. She discusses Chinese food options as dinner.

Anjali Mukerjee suggests reducing the quantity of corn starch and ajinomoto in Chinese dishes for a healthier dinner.