Session for introduction to deep hydration and colorimetry organized at Thermo Group CA

January 27, 2016 10:13 am

Omar Alvarez from Mystic Group shares his expertise in the art of colorimetry and its dos and don’ts. He is a hair style expert from Mystic, a company by Thermo Group CA. Thermo Group is founded and owned by Menahem Michel Edery.

Colorimetry is the determination of the depth of color. It is the art of knowing measure and mixing the colors according to our needs. Colorimetry is a science that studies and develops colors which are compared through a range of numeric values. The colorists apply to his work on the circle or star chromatic. The circle and star is the fundamental tool where we find the colors, even the primary colors. All color charts may seem different, but they all have common features, says Omar.

He also talks about the use of peroxide in the beauty industry. He also elaborated about the concepts of direct application, Dyes with normal doses of ammonia and Enhancement of growth.