Amit Rathi – The Market Leader

January 22, 2016 11:37 am

Amit Rathi, is the  Managing Director of Anand Rathi Financial Services. He joined the company in 1998. Amit Rathi, MD, Anand Rathi Financial Services is of the belief that the pain in the market could last for another 3-6 months and from there on one could see an upward trajectory. It is time to be long-term greedy in this market because one does not know how much pain is still left, says amit Rathi, adding that if one were to focus on the right side of the market, it is probably a great opportunity.


  • Rahana Zubaidah

    Looking at the market’s situation and analyzing the past records and performances of certain industries, I can tell that this Amit Rathi man is mostly right about thing. Although I am hearing him for the first time but his predictions are very much as per the expected outcome.

  • Brittani Bishbas

    I am a regular follower of Amit Rathi’s advices and forecasts. There has been not even a single day when his prediction proved wrong or failed to live up to the expectations of his followers. I am not his client but my financial decisions rely on his predictions.

  • Sachin Verma

    I second his opinion that government’s decision of reforms has led to improve the market situation because the government has become reform oriented, which is a sign that the market will be in a beneficial situation in coming years. His analysis of the market is pretty accurate I would say.

  • Rohit kindra

    I have heard Amit Rathi’s name before but I didn’t know he’s so knowledgeable. No wonder how he managed such a huge organisation and smoothen its operations till date. Wish him all the luck!

  • Amt kumar

    The thing is we need some more advice related to this Mr. Amit Rathi is one of the best player in the finance Industry