National NGO facilitates girls education by distributing books No ratings yet.

September 18, 2015 10:42 am

National NGO Book Distribution event

National Ngo distributed course books along with reference and communication enhancing books among the girls. The girls were more than happy to receive the books. One of the girls said,” I am so happy to have the new books. Books are our best friends. They give us knowledge and make help us be successful.

National NGO Programme – Education plays a key role in shaping up the future of the country. Every nation thrives towards development on the account of its educated population. They create a workbench for the future generations and hence expedite knowledge evolution. Amandeep Singh, founder, National NGO said.” Education is the key to a success. It is the biggest tool for a person to shape up the life. These children are the future of our civilization. They deserve our care and concern. The least we can do for them is to provide them good education and help them secure their future.”

  • shekhar manjrekar

    Education is very important for all and they are doing well and good in favor of humanity.

  • pooja vats

    I want to become a volunteer of this NGO. National Ngo is a ray of hope for poor womens. They are doing such a great work. I appreciate their EFFORTS

  • swati kamble

    National ngo helping the needful people lets come and join hands with national NGO. This ngo doing very appreciative work, hats off to you national NGO

  • priya garg

    This NGO doing it’s bit and it’s our turn to do our bit by joining hands with them.