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May 23, 2016 6:41 am

Mahesh Dalamal guiding investors in international  exposure

Mahesh Dalamal is not only the Managing Director of Creative Zone Dubai but a specialist of setting up a business in United Arab Emirates’ heart, Dubai. Whether that enthusiastic business aspirant is an entrepreneur or an innovator, Mahesh Dalamal is always ready to be that helping hand so that the endeavoring one can also fulfill his dreams by owning a business in Dubai.Mahesh Dalamal’s experience of London and Dubai has not only helped the man to establish extremely thriving business models in the latter region but also manage them impeccably. Because of his flexibility to adapt as per the marketing culture of a specific territory, He has adjusted well to local and global business setting.The MD of Creative Zone has also spread the mindfulness among curious learners on various topics like How to set up a business in Dubai, What makes an entrepreneur, Tips for starting a new business, Be Inspired by Dubai, Looking to start a new business in Dubai and lots more.Under Mahesh Dalamal’s supervision, Creative Zone became one of the leading Free Zone service provider of all time in UAE, which allows entrepreneurs, consultants and business professionals to set-up a company in the UAE with minimum investment, prestige and flexibility.


  • Sadhiq Basha

    Its a good sign..Creative zone is doing well..hope they are going to be the best in UAE market.all the best Mahesh Dalamal and Mr. Steve

  • Areena Gupta

    Mahesh Dalamal is CEO at Creative Zone which is based in Dubai. Mahesh Dalamal relocated from London in 2005 in order to set up Creative Zone, which helps businesses set up in Dubai and the UAE. He can help with visas, documentation and all other aspects of business set up.